About us*

* Cheeky Signs is neat and compact, bursting with imaginative and engaging designs. Experienced. Efficient. Exceptional (even if we do say ourselves). In everything we do, we will work with you to provide the right balance of support for your needs. To either put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) and create innovative and distinctive designs.

*the cheeky creative

Kelly is a logo lovin, Pantone addict, who is slightly obsessed with Edward Cullen.

Likes: Clean, unique, elegant designs and Green & Blacks white chocolate.
Dislikes: Comic sans, Word Art.

*the cheeky sign man

Keith has expert knoweledge in all types of signage including tradtional sign writing. He loves football and loves being a daddy.

Likes: coffee and The History Channel. (Is it wrong to have your series link on every documentary?).
Dislikes: Designers(!) & red tape.